Building Contractors

Building Contractors

With our team of highly skilled builders we are able to provide new buildings and renovations to your existing structures. Our aim is take your vision and make it into a physical reality.


We provide a turnkey solution to ensure that all your requirements are met and built to the highest standards.


All workmanship and materials used are of the highest quality to ensure you our valued client are with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.


We are able to provide the following building solutions.

  • New Granny flats.
  • Renovation of existing outbuildings and double garages into granny flats.
  • New Double and single garages with either flat roof or pitched roof.
  • Alterations and renovations to existing homes. These include:
    • Building and inserting new windows.
    • Installation of new doorways into existing structures
    • Sliding door installation or renovation.
    • Closing up existing windows or doors to change the purpose or layout of rooms of your home.
  • We provide top quality painting and waterproofing solutions for your home.
  • PLC King provides Garden and boundary wall repairs and building.
Building Construction