Swimming Pool Cover


Why do you need it?


  • For the safety of your children, babies, guests and animals.
  • To keep dust, leaves and rubbish out of the pool.
  • To prevent algae to grow at normal rate thus saving money on chemicals and electricity to run the pump for long times to keep the pool clean.
  • To save the generated heat of the sunlight in the pool by isolating the water from the outside cooler air.
  • For the times, like winter, when the pool are not totally filled to the maximum.


Choices we offer?


  • Shade netting to keep the leaves out. It is just a cover laying on the water and relatively the cheapest.
  • PVC plastic cover of 550 gram per square meter (g/m²). This is more economic and lighter to handle. It is available in colours like blue, beige, grey, yellow and red.
  • PVC plastic cover of 600g/m². This is somewhat more expensive. It come only in dark blue on the top and black on the water side to serve as a better isolations to retain generated heat from solar panels or other.




We manufacture the cover with copper eye lids around the outside edge of the cover, spaced ± 50cm apart. In the eye lids we hook stainless steel hooks that will be closed.
Square stainless steel plates are then fitted to the tiles / paving around the pool to complete the covering. Guarantee 3 years.

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