Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repairs

Swimming pool leak &repair service


Save yourself money


Simple tests you can do yourself before you call us


Basic questions to answer:

  • Is water coming from waste pipe when pump is running on the filter setting?
  • Multiport valve is damaged internally or wagon wheel gasket is worn and needs to be replaced.
  • Pool leak or evaporation?
  • Leak in pipes of shell?
  • If in pipes is it in the suction or return pipe?


Do the bucket test

  1. Fill your pool to the normal level.
  2. Put a 20 litre bucket on the first step with three bricks inside to act as a weight.
  3. Fill the bucket carefully to exactly the same level as the water level outside the bucket. Water inside and outside the bucket is now exposed to same weather conditions ( rain or shine ) to exactly the same.
  4. Run the pump system as normal for 24 hour.
  5. Determine whether water level inside and outside are still the same.
  6. If there is a difference, measure the difference.
  7. If the inside is higher than the outside the bucket then you do have a leak.Call us.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for 24 hours with pump off and determine the level difference inside and outside again.If the water level difference is bigger with pump on than with pump off, then there is aleakage in the pipes.We can help call us.


If the water level difference is the same between pump on and pump off then the leak is not in the pipes. It can be in one of the following places:

  • Crack in the pool concrete shell.
  • Around the weir as it is not properly filled with concrete.
  • Concrete workaround light housing.
  • Light wire gland is worn/perished or wrongly installed.


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Technical info on leak detection


PLC King has been in the pool industry for almost two lifetimes. We have experienced too many customers paying for unnecessary damage to their pools & pumps caused by leaks. Taking an educated guess is not the route to peace of mind and 80% of the problems persist.


Solving the problem

You need to have the leak pin pointed exact, repaired and know without a doubt that your problem is solved. Pool pipes are almost always under beautiful lawn, expensive paving, tiles or concrete. To open and trench these expensive surfaces looking for leaks is very expensive and not the best solution to solve the problem. You know there is a leak, but where? All leaks cause various interruptions to your lifestyle, bad for the environment, damage to buildings and other structures, financial loss and may even endanger life. The faster and more accurately you can locate a leak on your pool pipe system, the more you stand to gain in time, and avoid damage to your pool and pump system. With the reliable leak detection service we offer, we can quickly locate any pipe leak for you whether the pipes are above ground or buried.


Where is the leak?

To save our customers lots of drama, we use the correct and highly specialized instruments and tools to accurately pin point your pool pipe leak (normally within less than one square meter).


Extra Costs

A leak on the suction pipe for example will cause poor or zero performance of your cleaning machine and your pool pump will not cool properly. If your pool pump overheats, the seals and gaskets inside will be damaged, causing a further suction leak on the pump itself, which then needs to be reconditioned at a further cost.


Suction Leaks

A suction leak can easily be identified 95% of the time. When you notice that the pump basket doesn’t fill up completely and the return pipe in the pool will blow continues champagne bubbles it is a suction leakage.


Water loss

Return pipe leaks will cause water loss in the pool. If your pool suffers water loss this will cause damage to your Marblelite lining in the pool. If enough water is lost, the pump will run dry and overheat or even burn out. This is terrible snowball effect causing more and more money to be spent in vain if not correctly rectified. When you suspect a leak, pin point and sort it out AS SOON AS SUSPECTED to avoid further damage. The quicker the better to minimize costs.


Leak detection

PLC King is a pool pipe leak specialist. We correctly pressurize your pool pipes to manufacturer’s specifications with a forming gas mix specially developed for this purpose. Using specialized gas leak detector equipment which offers a highly sensitive and flexible leak detection system in a heavy-duty, smart and ergonomically designed package.


Water leak companies

Only the best water leak companies can detect both minor and major leaks utilizing equipment sensitive enough to instantly adapt to any detection condition. The electronic sensor mounted in the probe tip responds instantly to the tracer gas, and additionally the instrument has a very short recovery time to enable new measurements to be performed immediately.

Please Contact Us ASAP to inspect and locate your leak.


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