Thatch Roof Repairs

Thatch Roof Maintenance & Repairs

A thatch roof should be combed every ± 3 years in order to keep it in a good condition and to enjoy many years of cozy family gatherings. The combing process involves :


  • There is a special combing tool used for the job to even the out the outer grass layer and to brush off the rotten ends of the grass.
  • The above mentioned combing exposes the areas in the grass roof which are more deeply worn off and must then be filled in to its original state.
  • All the twine strings from the one end of each lat to the other end, is re-tensioned as it become loose over time and thus does not hold the grass as firmly as it should.
  • The foot layer of grass is then compacted back to original position to create the straight lines and curves around the corners and entrance arch bringing your thatch back to its originally designed.
  • Lastly the fibreglass ridging is then re-secured and painted with the correct application as was done in the manufacturing process.


A big enemy of a thatch roof is prolonged shade over the roof like a big tree shading over the lapa. Grass deteriorate much faster when wet. If the sun is blocked from drying the wet grass for prolonged periods of time the rotting process happens so very much faster. Branches of such a tree should be cut back to allow for sufficient sunshine to get through.